IEHP Overview

Smart Care App

Bilingual mobile app providing convenient access to vital health information.

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CARA: Care Assistance

Platform and mobile app to address chronic health conditions.

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Strategic Research

Opportunity analysis for a provider portal and member transport.

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Designing and developing a members- only mobile portal


$10m+ saved

Reduced cost of member communication by 3 million transactions per year


IEHP needed a way to improve engagement with their member community and provide quicker access to vital health information so that members receive better preventative care and improved individual health outcomes.


We paired with IEHP to create a bilingual mobile app that centralized IEHP members’ health records, physician information and medical claims. In addition, Smart Care generates a data-driven, personalized health plan and guides members on how to improve their cholesterol, blood pressure and weight management.


We parterned with American Heart Association to create actionable and personalized health plans with scientifically-backed guidelines for the IEHP Smart Care app, resulting in a healthier community through preventive health.


Members call

IEHP to access vital health information.

Individual interactions

and high-cost administrative work required.


Tech-enabled, real-time

access to a health plan, physician information, health records and medical claims.

3 million

reduction in person to person interactions.

Solving poor health literacy with strategic partnerships


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IEHP members had difficulty accessing a data-driven health plan after receiving recommendations from medical professionals. This disconnect caused members to miss important preventative health steps, such as adherence to medication, and have a limited understanding of their current state of health.


We led a community health project across multiple organizations to create CARA, a platform empowering patients to share health information within the largest non-profit health exchange in the US, Manifest MedEx. Through EHR sharing amongst professionals and family members, event reminders and a ride sharing partnership with Uber, members were able to take full control over their health outcomes.

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Lack of access

to vital health information

Low adherence

to medication schedule


Instant digital access

via mobile portal

Regular reminders

to take medication

Digital Product Strategy & Research

We worked with the highest levels of executive leadership, board and steering committees at IEHP to research, analyze and present key innovation strategies that would move the business forward.

Board-Level Digital Strategy
Member Behavior Economics
Member Behavior Economics

Provider Portal Accessibility Analysis

Recommend path forward for creating mobile version of existing web-only Provider Portal.

Phased approach of prioritized functionality for mobile version of Provider Portal.


  • Build comprehensive picture of users with user personas, interviews and journeys.
  • Determine similar vs. unique features from competition
  • Collaboratively prioritize jobs to be done

Transportation Research & Solutions

Reduce multi-million dollar loss for member transportation costs.

Multiple innovative approaches, backed by research and data, to solve transportation challenges and drastically cut costs.


  • Identify potential gaps in how transportation is currently conducted through user surveys and testing
  • Conduct in-depth quantitative analysis to determine ROI

Mental Health & Wellness Vendor Analysis

Identify mental health and wellness vendors to reduce expense of untreated depression.

Market and feature analysis for over 15 mental health and wellness vendors and specific next steps to execute a plan.


  • Analyze impact of untreated depression healthcare industry
  • Identify potential mental health and wellness vendors to offset cost

We’re excited by healthcare innovation

We run corporate innovation hackathons, speak at SXSW forums and as a venture studio fund & advise promising healthcare startups.

Our team’s expertise ranges from cutting-edge consumer products with Sony and Red Bull to innovative healthcare solutions for partners like CHLA and IEHP. To-date we’ve funded over 10 diverse healthcare startups that collectively have a $850M valuation. Imagine how we can help you!

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